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Deck Repairs

Repairing an existing deck is a great way to prolong your investment and keep costs down. Decking materials like pressure-treated wood and TREX are expensive, and just the cost to haul them off can be more than a repair bill. Call Denton Custom Decks today to get started on a custom repair solution and save some serious money.

The choices for rebuilding or upgrading a deck or creating a totally new patio are practically limitless. There are several materials that may be used to create a pleasant, natural-looking, and almost maintenance-free outdoor setting. Whether you have an older deck that needs repairs or railings rebuilt, or if you want to modernize an older structure, contact our local firm and allow our designers to offer you unique restoration and remodeling services that will give you the desired aesthetic. We work hard to provide you with excellent customer service and an inexpensive solution to your porch and deck demands.

Deck Extensions

If you believe that more is better, don’t be afraid to expand and go beyond where your current deck is now. Instead of demolishing your old deck and then rebuilding one to your new standards, it may be possible to just expand what you have in place. Matching the type of wood shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, assuming you didn’t build the original deck with some exotic and hard-to-find wood. Generally, a coat of stain will blend the old wood color with the new, so you won’t even notice the difference.

Deck Staining Services

Speaking of staining, if your deck isn’t giving off the desired image you had in mind, a new stain or sealant service might be the most cost-effective approach to refreshing it. And when a deck is expertly power-cleaned before staining, the difference is night and day. Call us today to get a free quote on bringing your deck back to life with our staining service.

Deck Additions

Incorporating more seating into your deck’s construction might give it a fresh new aesthetic. Denton Custom Decks can also build those custom benches with the storage space that you’ve always wanted. We can also add tables and privacy or shade structures to existing decks and patios. Of course, you will likely have to stain the deck, including the newly built portions, so that they match color. This option would still be much cheaper than a new build.

Any outdoor structure, including a deck, is constantly bombarded by intense sunlight, extreme heat during the summer, and even occasional frosty days. It’s no wonder that even the highest-quality decks will still need maintenance every once in a while. We can help with all types of repairs and restorations. We’ve got experience with everything from simple problems like board replacements to full demolition and rebuilds. Regardless of the issue, we can get your deck back in shape so you can enjoy some of that (usually) beautiful Texas weather. Decks are located outside of your home and are thus constantly exposed to the sun, rain, and other elements that Mother Nature may throw at them. We are here to assist you with any problem. From board replacements to near-complete overhauls, we can help you get your deck back into working order so you can enjoy the Texas sunshine again.

Deck Restorations

If you enjoy spending time outside, make sure your outdoor living areas are well-designed, well-constructed, and in excellent shape. Our local firm has built a reputation for meeting the repair, custom remodeling, and building needs of the neighborhood. A refurbished deck that looks new is way more cost-effective than removal and replacement and can typically save you thousands of dollars. With a little time and creativity, Denton Custom Decks can get your old deck back on track. You’ll be hosting the neighborhood BBQ in no time at all. All of our repairs come with a guarantee, so you’ll have peace of mind too. Denton Custom Decking can handle all of your deck repair needs and more, so call today for a free quote.

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