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History of Pergolas

A pergola is a type of outdoor garden element that consists of vertical columns or pillars that generally hold cross-beams and a robust open lattice, often around which woody vines are grown. The name derives from the Late Latin pergula, which refers to a protruding eave.

Pergolas and arbors are commonly confused since the names are used interchangeably. In general, a “arbor” is defined as a wooden bench seat with a roof, generally encircled by lattice panels providing a framework for climbing plants; brush arbor revivals occur beneath such structures in evangelical Religion. In contrast, a pergola is a much bigger and more open structure. A pergola does not usually have built-in seats.

Pergolas can connect pavilions or stretch from a building’s entryway to an open garden element like a terrace or pool. Pergolas that stand alone, unattached to a house or other building, provide a sitting space that allows for wind and light sun while shielding you from the intense glare of direct sunlight.

Pergolas can also provide a framework for climbing plants to grow on.

Pergola Builder Denton Texas

Pergolas provide a great ambience to any space, whether it’s a shaded promenade in Denton, a tunnel in Decatur, or a seating area in Sanger. Keep it simple and stylish, or train vines to climb the pillars for a touch of traditional mystery. Denton Custom Decks has been creating one-of-a-kind pergolas from Argyle to Bolivar for over 10 years. Our professional builders construct beautiful, custom-made shade solutions that you can enjoy all year in your outdoor space. Contact us today for a free quote on your dream Denton pergola.

Pergola Design for Patio Cover

Denton Custom Decks’ custom pergolas define your outdoor living area in a gorgeous, powerful style that will have you spending more time outside enjoying the outdoors. Our bespoke pergolas allow you to add a front shade or blind for more privacy, as well as a retractable roof shade option, so you can enjoy and relax in your garden with your friends and family the way you want. You may even pick a unique concrete platform for added stability, or add paving stones for a stylish accent. Our open communication and total transparency provide you with the peace of mind that you cannot obtain from any other company. Denton Custom Decks takes great pleasure in every job we work on as a city-recognized business. Our attention to detail is unparalleled. Contact the premier pergola builder in Denton today to set up a consultation.

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